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Time for Darwin to Retire

Since Darwin, evolutionists have had faith that the evidence to support their theory would sooner or later be found, either in the rocks or in experiments. The crux of the evolutionary argument is that life began spontaneously and randomly through a chance combination of chemicals that then gave rise to every species on the planet. The idea stretches credulity, so imagine the excitement among the faithful in 1953 when the Miller-Urey experiment managed to get a some amino acids to form in a test tube. While a few amino acids are a far cry from a living cell, textbooks ever since have used the study to suggest that scientists are hot on the trail to the definitive explanation of the origin of life.

But something else happened in 1953. Watson and Crick described the structure of DNA. Their discovery paved the way for an explosion of knowledge about the cell and its workings. As our understanding of the cell’s wondrous complexity has increased, so the likelihood of the spontaneous generation of life has diminished to the vanishing point. Life requires 20 different amino acids, but it also requires hundreds of different proteins, and each of those proteins contains on average over 300 amino acid links in specific correct sequences. The only way to do that is by reference to a genetic code supplied by DNA. To make even one protein, a DNA molecule has to be around 18,000 code bits long and each of those bits, or “letters” has to be in exactly the right sequence. It is impossible for these and other necessary components to have formed spontaneously, let alone all together in a single organism. The odds have been estimated less than 1 in 10 to the 40,000th power. That’s a 1 followed by 40,000 zeros. By comparison, the number of seconds in the alleged 30 billion year history of the universe is only 10 to the 18th power!

This is where LUCA (Last Universal Common Ancestor) comes in. LUCA was proposed, not as the first life form, but the first one to have all the components necessary for cell metabolism and reproduction and whose descendants survived to make you and me. LUCA is a dodge, allowing evolutionists to gloss over the impossibility of spontaneous generation and skip right to a fully functional life form as the root of their evolutionary tree. In essence, they are conceding, but don’t want you to know, that life can only come from other life.

Life is miraculous and mysterious. Despite the 19th century notion that science is the answer to everything, life cannot be reduced to a bleak materialistic naturalism, and neither can you.

Demand that schools give your children ALL the facts in regard to the failed theory of evolution.