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Double Talk

Education and politics have at least one thing in common. Both are full of code talk that confuse and mislead the unwary. At the same time they communicate plans and agendas to the initiated and the savvy. In politics words like “social justice” have nothing to do with equal justice before the law (the intent of the Constitution), and a word like “fair” may describe a policy that is just the opposite.

Education has been infected with the same kind of talk. “Democracy” may now mean not equal representation of the people in a republic, but the sharing of power among various approved groups, irrespective of the will of the majority or the rule of law. “Critical thinking” now often means the deliberate undermining of the values and ideals students bring from home. “Multiculturalism” now means exclusively the promotion of any culture other than western civilization.

Partly because of the way words are used and misused, most people have no idea how far the culture has departed from the founding principles and values of the USA. In the same way, most people have no idea that schools have now been rigged to support the transformation of America to something it never was.

This blog is about cutting through the fog of deceiving language, false traditions, and destructive policies in our government, politics, culture, and schools in hope that enough Americans can be awakened to their awful plight.

If you can help me shed light on America’s danger, please contribute. If you disagree, please say so. Maybe you’ll convince me, maybe we’ll convince you. I don’t care, as long as we are all seeking the truth. And remember, you can’t talk truth without civility.